Global Industrial City - Year of Design: 2014
Client: Pashupati Group

The concept of Global Industrial City Industrial Park was "Walk-Work-Live-Leisure"
The site for Global Industrial City industrial City was in the proximity of various established industries such as Maruti Suzuki Plant, JETRO Park, Mandal GIDC and Honda 2-4 wheeler plant. Hence we proposed to make an Industrial township that can cater to all the needs of the people working at this SIR(Special Investment Region).

Global Industrial City city was perceived as an amalgamation of an industrial systemwith a lively neighborhood alongwith commercial and institutional facilities. Global Industrial City offers multiplex, hospital, apartments, godowns (for second stake holders), automobile showroom, and all sorts of commercial space. The design strategy for Global Industrial City was to bifurcate all the F.P.'s with a different colour, based on the country the company belongs to. For instance, the FP of Japanese companies can be, "RED EDGE" or "BLUE SQUARE". Thus, each region in the township shall be identified from its Colour.
Type – Industrial

Status: Ongoing

Site Area: 48,43,759 sq. ft.

Location: Becharaji, Gujarat