The Parkway, Year of design: 2013
Client: Virtue Realty, M.D. Group

The overall masterplan's main objective was to create a walkable community connected through greenways with large and small public gardens and a private realm. The 500 villas are designed around greenways to create a sense of a closed community with ample space and playful surroundings. The community includes a large natural lake with a promenade walk, and clubhouse flanked on both sides with dense trees. One of the prime elements of the community is an exclusive club's The Palms, which will feature a 30 key hotel, restaurant and cafe, banquet hall capable of hosting 500 people, indoor recreational activities, swimming pool, mini theater and much more.
Type – Residential / Luxurious Weekend homes

Status: Proposal

Site Area: 22,21,564sq.ft

Location: Surat
Built up Area: 330000 sq. ft.