The Park, Year of design: 2016
Client: Rajyash Group

The Park is conceptualized as an extremely High-end Luxurious Apartment Building at Paldi, Ahmedabad. It was the client's requirement to use every inch of permissible FSI, along with providing the necessary parking facilities and other amenities. Thus a holistic approach was taken wherein one side of the site was allotted for the Parking whereas the other side was made totally pedestrian. The landscape has been so designed that it is integrated within the built-mass. The Landscape directs you in the building creating a vista from all the different angles and spaces of the Ground Floor.
Type – Residential / High-End Apartments

Status: Ongoing

Site Area: 1,03,215 sq. ft.

Location: Ahmedabad
Built up Area: 4,51,233 sq. ft