The Parkway, Year of Design: 2013
Client: Virtue Realty, M.D. Group

The parkway club has a very interesting site, with a straight edge on one side and a smooth curve on the other. The site is surrounded by beautiful high and low terrains and has a huge natural lake within the site. So the idea was to create a built-mass on the smallest edge, so as to get as much of a natural scenic view as possible. The clubhouse has amenities like Gym, Multi-purpose Hall, Lounge, Rooms, Discotheque, and Meditation Room etc. Sports amenities, for Indoor as well as Outdoor Games is also integrated in the clubhouse.
Type – Club / Recreational

Status: Proposal

Site Area: 67,053 sq. ft.

Location: Surat
Built up Area: 16,318 sq. ft.